Hanna Nyman‘s floral lift and peel wallpaper. Via Hemfeber.

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Wine can

July 21, 2008



This wine can was winner of the 2006 Swedish packaging design award. It was designed by Jens Andersson and Jonas Forsman and it is notable as an easily recycled single serve can. The design is certainly different from its category, with a hint of wine bottle in the form, but a matte black with pared down graphics. The design is in prototype stage and is available for use for any winemaker. Via Dieline

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Where the hell is matt?

July 16, 2008

Where The Hell Is Matt?

Simply brilliant. Makes you proud to be a part of our world. watch the video, you will love it.

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Shit Box is a lightweight portable cardboard toilet, made especially for outdoor use.

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Helbotica Tee Shirt

July 16, 2008

helbotica by Jonathan Yule

helbotica home page

Designed by Jonathan Yule. Get it in Men’s Alstyle red or charcoal and Women’s Alstyle red. See it at chopshopstore.com in men’s styles or in women’s styles.

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Nothing livens up a cocktail party like talk of tragedy and there may never be a classier catastrophe than the Titanic. With that in mind, the clever folk at Fred & Friends designed the perfect conversation piece with Gin & Titonic. It’s an ice cube mold that is shaped to depict miniature Titanics and icebergs that form a dramatic diorama when sunk into your drink. Admittedly, it’s a pretty extreme manifestation of an only mildly funny pun. But there’s something darkly appealing about the upended vessel clinking around your cocktail. The mold includes four doomed ocean liners and just as many devastating icebergs. Expect them soon in stores and online retailers.
Via Coolhunting

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20 nice free fonts

July 16, 2008


Reznor Broken




The King & Queen

Grutch Shaded


Fontin Sans





Chopin Script

Bleeding Cowboys


Am Sans


078 MKSD

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