August 22, 2008

Dn&co. is a branding and production studio based out of Maida Vale, London, with some great work on show. Visit there site here or you can also see more images of their work over at their Flickr account. Via Visuelle

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Beautiful brand guidelines book designed by North, who have yet to produce a website so I can show more of their great work. See all the photographs over here. Photographs by Richard Learoyd.

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Adam Rix

August 22, 2008

My favourite band and their new logo which i have only just found out was done by the talented Mr Rix

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The Consult updates

August 22, 2008

Leeds based design studio The consult updates with some new works. Via Grafikcache.

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Typography is Sexy

August 22, 2008

Jon Tangerine

Hot Meteor



e house studio / blog

Jason Reed

Viget Labs

The Deck Network

Bob Galmarini

Abigail Wynne

dawghouse design studio


Jeff Sarmiento

Winnie Lim

DM2 Interactive

New Concept


Sean Klasson

The things we make / Mike Kus

Found this today trauling the net and have blatently stolen it. Every example i clicked on the typography was indeed shit-hot. Stolen from fuelyourcreativity

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FF Netto

August 22, 2008


With FF Netto, Daniel Utz has stripped letters of any historical detail, leaving them with the barest, clearest forms possible. This makes FF Netto ideal for wayfinding, where quick recognition is essential. A series of simple and useful icons and arrows add to its utility for information design, and intelligent borders let you group the pictograms using just a few keystrokes.

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Food for Thought Lunchbox

August 22, 2008


This “Food for Thought” lunch box has been specially designed to hold fruit whilst protecting it from bruising or overheating. Children will be able to enjoy lunchbox fruit at its best which will in turn enocurage them to reach their 5-a-day target. A unique, colour changing thermo-spot on the underside of the box helps achieve this by indicating when food has overheated. This handy lunchbox also comes with 2 plastic pots, designed for holding grapes, nuts or diced fruit. It’s also dishwasher safe, but if you want it to last longer, then you should wash it by hand. Thanks to Swissmiss for this.

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