Nike Write Your Future

June 18, 2010

A few designers from w+k studio—Brad Simon, Kelly Wright and Matt Blum—recently collaborated with artist Diem Chau to produce a PR kit celebrating the launch of Nike’s “Write the Future” campaign. For the project Diem individually hand-carved 66 crayons with the likenesses of six World Cup stars. The crayons were then placed in a custom-designed wooden carrier within a clam shell presentation box. Only 11 kits were produced. How lucky to be one of the recipients! The details and craftsmanship are truly amazing. Check out a whole lot more images and the amazing production details right here.



June 18, 2010

Naturella, a new release from You Work for Them, is “a collection of natural and organic elements from the garden.” I could definitely see this coming in handy.