smirnoff winmac 7 Smirnoff Vodka Ads

God… anyone remember the old mac operating systems… this ad made me laugh.

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September 30, 2009

Using the familiar fonts from a number of popular London retailers – Selfridges and John Lewis are shown here, and other iterations include Harrods – the ads open with a description of the benefits of shopping in these stores, before then reverting to the Dixons font with the line “then go to to buy it”. The self-harm/awareness continues with the ads’ tagline, which is “the last place you want to go”.

I am sure the debate on this one will run. Follow it at creative review

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genius via Advertnews

Adobe Photoshop CS4

November 28, 2008

Agency: Bates141, Indonesia

Weight Watchers Bus

September 19, 2008

Agency: Lowe, Holland
Art Director: Liat Azulay
Copywriter: Jeroen de Korte
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September 5, 2008

Agency: Ogilvy, South Africa. I especially like the squid in the second image exploding out of the bowl… Little bit tropicana me thinks.

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Sony Walkman

September 5, 2008

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Australia

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