Well, we’ve finally done it. A year in the making and the new BiteCP brand has been launched. Please check out our new site here

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June 18, 2010

Naturella, a new release from You Work for Them, is “a collection of natural and organic elements from the garden.” I could definitely see this coming in handy.

HEMA Photography

September 30, 2009




Simple, striking, structured. Love it.

Designed by Koeweiden Postma | Country: The Netherlands

St David's Centre logo

St David's Centre logo

London-based agency Johnson Banks has been working for a couple of years on a new visual identity for the St David’s centre, in the heart of the Welsh capital, Cardiff.

From the Johnson Banks website


To honor all this work and to create an ongoing collection, this site was created. The collection includes pieces that span the entire visual identity for the games, many of which I’ve never seen before.

This is just one of many rather good pieces of design by the bods at Dowling Design.
This is an Identity design programme for a company dealing in sustainable irrigation systems called Seawater Greenhouse by
Dowling Design

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Sustainable – The Sustainable Construction Centre promotes sustainable architecture, recycling, healthy environments and low energy use. Cubic created this confident identity, website and literature, which features witty handmade illustrations of ‘recycled’ famous landmarks. All done by Cubic

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