Nike Write Your Future

June 18, 2010

A few designers from w+k studio—Brad Simon, Kelly Wright and Matt Blum—recently collaborated with artist Diem Chau to produce a PR kit celebrating the launch of Nike’s “Write the Future” campaign. For the project Diem individually hand-carved 66 crayons with the likenesses of six World Cup stars. The crayons were then placed in a custom-designed wooden carrier within a clam shell presentation box. Only 11 kits were produced. How lucky to be one of the recipients! The details and craftsmanship are truly amazing. Check out a whole lot more images and the amazing production details right here.



May 17, 2010

The Pebble Mattress by Nook is supposed to be the world’s most considered infant mattress. From a unique air layer that fosters oxygen flow inside the mattress, to the superior softness of all-natural eucalyptus fibers, to the unique pebbled surface that promotes air circulation, every detail is examined for maximum breathability, non-toxicity and smart design in the crib.
Thanks Swissmiss

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pepsi boob

May 14, 2010



instructions when packing on the shelves: DO NOT STACK CANS ONE ON TOP OF THE OTHER.

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Florence and Florence

April 27, 2010

Beautiful things.

We all love them. We all want them.

And so we fill the world with more and more.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that we can treat ourselves to beautiful things without adding more to the world?

We think so. That’s what inspired Florence & Florence.

Christine Florence has spent her life expertly re-loving second-hand items – her home is a haven for once abandoned treasures.

Her daughter Annie Florence shares her passion but (being slightly impatient) realised she wanted the look for her home, now.

We begin by sourcing beautiful second-hand pieces which have already had a previous life, then we re-love them.

We add a unique Florence & Florence FF/number on the label of every item, then we select items to show in our archive once they’re sold.

Some pieces are perfect when found, some need a bit of Florence & Florence magic and others need to be totally re-loved. They all end up entirely beautiful.

Well they are now up and running. Click here to check out their site. Florence and Florence are my Aunt and Cousin. Design by my idol, my uncle Bill.

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Bloom don’t usually enter awards, but we’re chuffed to bits to have won the Design Week Best Branded Packaging Award for our Limited Edition Johnnie Walker Selfridges pack.

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iPhone Desk Phone

April 6, 2010

Phone Dock Transforms The iPhone Into A Desk Phone. Brilliant!

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On The Go Dollhouse

October 8, 2009



home on the go is a compact little campervan of a home. Via swissmiss