This salad bowl serving set by Alexis Designs is made of porcelain with wooden serving utensils that fit over the pin on the top. Unique and functional!

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HEMA Photography

September 30, 2009




Simple, striking, structured. Love it.

Designed by Koeweiden Postma | Country: The Netherlands

Fire & Ice coffee table.

September 19, 2008

The Fire & Ice Coffee Table is a clever design that features an open fire set within a freestanding coffee table. On one end, a recess for your flue less EcoSmart™ burner, on the other, a recess for storing your own patch of grass or perhaps ice to chill your favourite bottle of champagne. ecosmart :: Coffee Table Fireplace

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Food for Thought Lunchbox

August 22, 2008


This “Food for Thought” lunch box has been specially designed to hold fruit whilst protecting it from bruising or overheating. Children will be able to enjoy lunchbox fruit at its best which will in turn enocurage them to reach their 5-a-day target. A unique, colour changing thermo-spot on the underside of the box helps achieve this by indicating when food has overheated. This handy lunchbox also comes with 2 plastic pots, designed for holding grapes, nuts or diced fruit. It’s also dishwasher safe, but if you want it to last longer, then you should wash it by hand. Thanks to Swissmiss for this.

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A bright idea

July 3, 2008



What a fun and creative Bulb Lantern from Kyouei

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Reading chair

July 3, 2008



Fishbol, a design atelier based in Canada , made this interesting chair called “Book Seat”. It’s made of bent plywood and I think this could make for a very cozy reading chair for junior.

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The 360

June 11, 2008


The 360 is a piece of sports equipment designed by Francesco Sommacal to combine the sensations of snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding. The rider’s feet are placed inside the wheel, ready for freeride and freestyle. This design was a winner of the Volvo Sportsdesign award in 2007. having had a mountain board and ditched it as i thought it was way too dangerous and i kept breaking bones, this looks wicked. the wife has been on at me about what i want for my birthday…. i just found it karen!

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