Artwork for Monte Carlo 2008

Thanks to Dougie for sorting out our trip to monaco. Simply cannot wait! North, Lozza, Badger and Stu are off to the Grand Prix De Monaco. Flying friday lunchtime and coming home monday night. having talked about doing this for years it is soon to become a reality! Table booked and paid for already in Cafe de Paris in casino square for the Grand Prix itself! Thanks to North Senior (Andrew) for sorting that out for us. Tuxedo’s are packed as are the pro plus as i aint going to be going to bed for three nights! Will post pictures on monday.

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K2 Endurance

May 20, 2008


K2 Sports has recently launched a new line of sun care products designed for outdoor sports. The packaging features molded grips for use in active conditions, one handed! The desire behind the packaging was to encourage young men to become proactive in protecting their skin. got this from dieline

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Statistics Table

May 14, 2008

Beauty of Typography - FFFFOUND!

Statistics Table Strong, bold and extremely expressive. And it is just a table! This is just one of a plethera of amazing posters on the smashing magazine site.

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Colours Clock

May 14, 2008

Beauty of Typography - Reloj Richard Shed

Designed with the sole intention of not over complicating the design. Designed by Richard Shed.

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Askul Packaging

May 14, 2008






This is old work that i have featured before but simply lush! Swedish design firm, Stockholm Design Lab.

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Climate Change poster

May 14, 2008

Beauty of Typography - Climate Change 'Co2' ideas

Climate Change ‘Co2′ ideas Simple idea which uses only the power of typography. Impressive posters do not need to be colorful.

Pot Of

May 14, 2008


biz-R has recently completed a naming, brand direction and packaging project for Clive’s new ‘Pot of’ range of fresh organic meals. Loving the VAG Rounded.
Via Dieline