HEMA Photography

September 30, 2009




Simple, striking, structured. Love it.

Designed by Koeweiden Postma | Country: The Netherlands


Finally some of the other paper manufacturers are starting to follow suit with GF Smith and get their act together with their sample books. This one is done by the talented lads at Thompson Brand Partners. Also some other lush work on there.

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Telewest guidelines

September 2, 2008

More lovely guidelines by North (no not Doug) the company North found on Flickr, Telewest guidelines

Thanks to the serif for this

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Opening Ceremony

Otl Aicher’s 1972 Munich Olympics Design work online resource. This is simply superb. The whole lot. Nuff said.

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James Le Beau-Morley

August 6, 2008

James Le Beau-Morley is a recent graduate of University College Falmouth, awarded Upper Second Class (2:1) BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. He’s currently looking for placements and employment within the graphic design profession. Nice portfolio that you can find here. I am always up for trying to give good designers a step up in this world, especially when there are so many designers within agencies that take their jobs for granted and churn out mediocre shite and have attitude problems… Good luck James.

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All The Stamps

July 9, 2008

 incredible set of stamps, via Grain Edit.

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Inspired by otl aicher. potenza’s stamp designs.

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