Nicholas Hughes

December 4, 2008

Nicholas Hughes does a great deal with not very much at all – staggering, super minimal photography.



Nice set of photographs, but Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn, something wrong about these pics so had to blog the only one that actually looked a little like Marilyn.

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The Whale Hunt

February 22, 2008


The Whale Hunt by Jonathan Harris is pretty full on pictures of a captured whale being butchered so beware. via 72dpi

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Jan von Holleben

February 20, 2008

A set of wicked pics from Jan Von Holleben. These three were the best of the bunch i think as they are the most simple.

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Paolo Tich

February 5, 2008

A view of Parliament from Embankment

Paulo Tichs new website which is wicked. lovely pics and a very cool css website.
Website by Toggle is pretty cool. Nice logotype theirs too.

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