Florence and Florence

April 27, 2010

Beautiful things.

We all love them. We all want them.

And so we fill the world with more and more.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that we can treat ourselves to beautiful things without adding more to the world?

We think so. That’s what inspired Florence & Florence.

Christine Florence has spent her life expertly re-loving second-hand items – her home is a haven for once abandoned treasures.

Her daughter Annie Florence shares her passion but (being slightly impatient) realised she wanted the look for her home, now.

We begin by sourcing beautiful second-hand pieces which have already had a previous life, then we re-love them.

We add a unique Florence & Florence FF/number on the label of every item, then we select items to show in our archive once they’re sold.

Some pieces are perfect when found, some need a bit of Florence & Florence magic and others need to be totally re-loved. They all end up entirely beautiful.

Well they are now up and running. Click here to check out their site. Florence and Florence are my Aunt and Cousin. Design by my idol, my uncle Bill.

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This salad bowl serving set by Alexis Designs is made of porcelain with wooden serving utensils that fit over the pin on the top. Unique and functional!

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Sakku – solar bag

April 21, 2010

Sakku, the original solar bag from Swizerland based PRIMECUT GmbH solves the most annyoing problem that comes with most cell-phones, blackberrys, digital cameras, GPS trackers, and all the other electronical gadgets: “out-of-battery”. Sakku bags are stylish and are made out of unique materials such as used sail cloth or sun stores; and they are handy with large inside pockets, laptop protection cushion, and plenty of space.

Thanks to Howdy Heidi for this.

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Bloom don’t usually enter awards, but we’re chuffed to bits to have won the Design Week Best Branded Packaging Award for our Limited Edition Johnnie Walker Selfridges pack.

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Despite the long lay off from blogging I have returned and have now taken up residence at Bloom in SW London as their new Design Director. New site just gone live. Check it out Bloom.

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Glow in the dark cans. quality! click here to see.

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iPhone Desk Phone

April 6, 2010

Phone Dock Transforms The iPhone Into A Desk Phone. Brilliant!

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